Gainesville Baptist church 

About the Retreat

Several years ago, my wife and I went through some very trying times in our marriage.  To be quite honest, we were not sure if we were going to make it as a couple, let alone have a happy and healthy marriage. We praise the Lord for the help we found in His Word and among God's people..

As we were dealing with these things in our own life, we began to see the need to encourage married couples on their journey of life. The truth of the matter is that marriage is hard; and strong, healthy marriages do not just happen by chance.  Even "good marriages" can always improve.

Recognizing that the individuals in a relationship, as well as the marital relationship itself, go through stages, we began the "I Still Do" Couples Retreat to help strengthen and equip our homes.

At this retreat, couples are able to get away with their spouses and take part in sessions with invaluable lessons on how to have marriages that are strong, healthy, and satisfying.